Folkestone is a city located in the southeast of England in Kent County, about 11 miles from Dover. It's a harbour and a small but important seaport in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In the 7th century, a convent was built on the site of the current Folkestone but during the 13th century, it grew into a seaport. During the 19th century, the harbour was used to protect against the French invasion, and in the middle of the 19th century, a railway was held to the city. After the road stretches out near the city and the English Channel tunnel was built, the importance of the harbour has significantly decreased, but it still continues to be actively used for mooring small fishing vessels and yachts.

These days, the most popular please of the town is Folkestone Harbour. 
Until the 19th century, Folkestone was a village with a small fishing community. It's embankment was constantly jammed with pebbles during storms, which made it difficult to onboard from boats. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Government issued an act on the construction of a pier and harbour. After the construction work finished, the population of Folkestone slightly grew, and trade also became somewhat more lively But washed sand and silt still hindered development. In the mid-19th century, they carried out work to deepen the harbour and build the Horn pier. After that the town became the main point for communication with the Boulogne.

Folkestone Harbor

In 2006, was announced the Faulkstone master plan, according to which it was planned to restore the harbour as a marina, new housing, the creation of a green wave of the coast, new shops, a stage for public speaking and a campus. However, the 2008 recession prevented these plans, although the area around Folkestone Harbour was ennobled.

The territory of the pier acquired the name Harbor Arm was restored and turned into a recreation area and a promenade embankment. It housed bars, restaurants, car parking and a place for a large screen in case of significant events, such as the World Cup, for example, where people can drink beer and watch football in the open air.

Harbour Arms

Folkstone sights

In addition to the Harbour, there are cliffs above the beach. On the rocks above the Copt Point is the Martello Tower. The tower was built to protect the coast from Napoleon’s invasion. It also served as the coast guard observation point, golf club, and naval checkpoint during World War II.

Folkestone White Horse - a horse figure carved on Cheriton Hill. The horse was created as a "Millennium Monument".

Part of the city’s territory falls into Kent Downs, a natural beauty resort with a Brockhill country park.

Folkestone was an important point in the Battle of Britain during World War II. At the end of the city, there are the Kapel-l-Fern Memorial and the Battle of Britain Museum, which is the oldest such museum in United Kingdom.

Battle of Britain Museum

Things to do in Folkestone

Folkestone, of course, is primarily a summer city. On the territory of the city and its district there are already 5! ... beaches. The closest to the town centre and to the Folkestone Harbour and, actually, the most popular is Sunny Sands, a small sandy beach.

Sunny Sands Folkestone

There are a couple of cafes, pubs, shops, seafood shops. There is also a toilet on the beach. During high tide, the beach is completely covered with water and if you want to continue you will have to look for an alternative.

Sunny Sands Folkestone

The second most popular is the Sandgate Town Center, a large crushed stone beach moving into a stretching far along the coast of Sandgate Beach. Right next to the harbour is Folkestone South Beach, pebble, with strip sand directly near the waterline. In some distance is The Warren Beach. The sandy stone beach is located under the rocks.

The city itself is located at the foot of the Nord Downs hill from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and, in good weather, you can even observe the coast of France.


There are several beautiful parks in Folkestone, and two long pedestrian roads pass through the city. One of them leads from Surrey County, passes through Folkestone, through Kapel-le-Fern, and ends in Dover, and the second leads from Gravesend, goes along the coast of Kent, goes through Folkestone and ends in Hastings.

Just as I wrote above, it will be interesting to visit the memorial and the Battle Museum for Britain.

In May, Folkestone helds an annual comedian festival which attended by up to 7,000 people, as well as on Halloween Town holds an annual zombie walk.

Where to stop

There are a lot of coastal hotels in Folkestone that can be cheaply booked through Booking, but we always stay at the Grand Burstin Hotel.

Grand Burstin

This is a large low-cost hotel with an average level of service located directly on Folkestone Harbor. The hotel offers a service with breakfast and dinner (buffet) and fairly spacious rooms.

Grand Burstin

It is better to order premium rooms that are not much more expensive than usual, but in this case, you will have a chance to get a balcony and a beautiful view of the harbour.

Grand Burstin view

How to get from London

By car, it is 80 miles on M20. From my house, the trip takes a little more than an hour and a half.

By Train: From St Pancras International Station to Folkestone Central. The train is about an hour.

If you wish to see what Folkestone is about, you may want to look the album in the gallery, which will definitely be replenished as we love to be there.

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Folkestone is a city located in the southeast of England in Kent County, about 11 miles from Dover. It's a harbour and a small but important seaport in the 19th and 20th centuries.
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